TACTICs April 25-27, 2014 in Canaan, WV

Over the last 4 years, TACTICs primary objective has been and always will be that “Training Saves Lives”. 


In 2013,  233 emergency service workers (FD, EMS, LEO)  lost their lives in the line of duty.   How do we lower those numbers?  How do we do everything possible to make sure that Everyone Goes Home? 


At TACTICs we strive to offer innovative and progressive training to prepare all branches of the emergency services for the job they do.  Our goal is not just to train until we get it right, but to train until we can’t get it wrong! We are proud to have been offering this quality training for 5 consecutive years.


Join us for our 5 year anniversary and be part of the TACTICs experience!


We have Rob Speiden's team in teaching Basic SAR and a Land Nav Class again this year and many other classes for emergency service workers.



Sandy Green, Chief

Canaan Valley VFD



Basic SAR   Rob Speiden 16 hrs

This course is designed for law enforcement and emergency services personnel who are the first responders to a search and rescue (SAR) incident. The intent of the course is to provide enough tools to adequately evaluate an incident and to take appropriate initial actions. 

Basic Land Navigation Rob Speiden 8 hrs

This course will provide a thorough classroom introduction to compass use and map reading. Practical field exercises will improve your understanding of using topographic maps in conjunction with a compass to navigate accurately and confidently.