SAREX 2014 May 2-4 Cranberry Glades/Plum Creek Area

All search teams that want to  participate are welcome, including out of state teams.


Respond:  The number of team members from  each team who plan to participate should be forwarded to  Mike Kelley, WVSARCO Treasurer, at or 304-643-2688 no  later than April 11, 2014 so that arrangements can be  made for adequate food and other resources to support the  exercise.    


An interagency search and recovery  exercise to be held in cooperation with the West Virginia  Air National Guard, Civil Air Patrol, WV Search and Rescue  Council, WV Department of Homeland Security, Forrest  Service, and county (Pocahontas and Greenbrier) EMS,  emergency management, and law enforcement  officials. 


Scenario:  A rocket, launched from  Wallops Island, VA suffered a malfunction shortly after  launch.  A satellite, with unknown nuclear and/or  hazardous chemicals aboard, reentered the atmosphere to the  west of the launch site and broke up shortly after entering  West Virginia.  The debris field is extensive and  widely scattered.  NASA has requested the assistance of  all available search resources to recover as many pieces of  the destroyed satellite as possible. 


Objective:  Ensure that all search and rescue resources within the state  can work together, communicate effectively, and successfully  complete a wide-area search mission. 


Information:  Primitive camping will be  available. All meals on Saturday (including a  MRE lunch) will be provided.  Sunday breakfast will  also be included.  Pocahontas SAR will handle staging  and site registration.This is an announced exercise, in  order to obtain maximum participation for all  organizations. Incident Command will be handled  by the Forest Service.  Search management organization and  execution will be coordinated by Bill  Kersher, WVDHSEM. A UH-72 Lakota and a UH-60  Blackhawk will be on site for both inspection and  participation in the drill.